Services  and Experience  

We are constantly adding services and experience everyday. We grow with the market, so our services are not limited to the following.

RRH/RRU Installations

  • Ericsson- LTE, UMTS | 700-1900 MHz   (Installations and Integrations)
  • Lucent - LTE, UMTS, 2.5 GHz | 700-1900 MHz   (Installations and Integrations)

Antennas and Lines (1/2" through 2-1/4" Coax and Hybrid Cables)

  • Power Wave - Antennas (Installation and RET Configuration)
  • RFS - Antennas and Lines (Installation, Integration and RET Configuration)
  • Andrew - Antennas and Lines (Installation, Integration and RET Configuration)
  • KMW - Antennas (Installation and RET Configuration)
  • Commscope - Lines (Installation and Integration)

Radio Support

  • TMAs - (Installations and Integrations) 
  • DC Power - Squids, Hybrid Cables, Ground Hookups, Etc. (Testing and Turn up)
  • Tower Fiber - Hybrid Cables, FMB/Hoffman Installations (Testing and Turn up)
  • Tower Grounding - Radio and Antenna grounding and support, tower ground support and testing

Testing and Alignment

  • Antenna Alignment - Antenna alignment with the latest equipment (3Z GPS AAT)
  • Fiber Testing - Using the latest equipment per specific customer requirements (Mostly ODM)
  • Sweep Testing - Using the latest equipment (Anritsu)
  • PIM Testing and Support - Provide support for PIM Testing crews, PIM Testing using 700, 800 and 1900 MHz gear.
  • Ret Setting - Using the latest equipment to set RET positions for all antennas

Platforms and Support

  • Safety Railing and Antenna Platform - Change-outs and Installations to meet load distribution requirements
  • Site Recon and Troubleshooting - Network Recon (Pictures and Tower Layout), Troubleshooting (Network Support and experienced troubleshooters with solutions)

Tower Solutions

In 2013, TW Celcom decided to add tower capabilities to its long list of offered services. Not many companies have in-house crews for both spectrums, ground level and tower. Our main focus is on quality and professionalism. We have successfully trained and maintained quality men for our crews, with the understanding that a quality product is what pushes us further in the industry.  It has been instilled to double and triple check their own work, to accept criticism and critique of their work as a building block for setting themselves apart. We audit our own crews with a much higher standard than our customers expect. Our crews are the best out there.

Safety is our number one concern for our tower crews. All of our crew members have made the 100% tie-off commitment, no exceptions.