Our History

Our commitment




Our mission is simple: we take pride in making our customers happy. We accomplish this by providing a quality product that is literally unseen in the industry. We concentrate on breaking the industry standard on every site, forcing the competition to do the same to keep up. Our customers have praised our work and professionalism time and time again.  Our unmatched skill and quality pushes our mission statement to new customers every day, expanding our footprint to new markets and a bigger mission.


Founded in January 2011 by Timothy Trail, TW Celcom was built to meet the growing need for quality companies in the wireless industry. TWC is a mix of management and experience that dates back to the 1980's. Tim's experience goes back to the turn of the new century. He started out leading civil crews in the big industry boom from analog to digital. He has been heavily involved in many market build outs throughout the years. Quickly, Tim built a reputation for quality work and expertise that has assisted customers for many years. Tim has always had a passion for this industry. His business experience started at an early age assisting his Grandfather with the multiple businesses he owned. When offered to take over, Tim decided to go out on his own and create his own path.  After years in the industry, Tim decided to start TW Celcom with an office in a 10' x 10' room and just enough money to create one crew to start working. TWC is now a multi-million dollar business and growing annually. We now have multiple crews in multiple markets working around the clock to meet the needs of our customers. Our staff has always had the attitude of "If it can be done, we will do it." We do not let obstacles get in our way of completing a job and exceeding our customer's needs. Failure has never been an option. We continue to pride ourselves in our abilities and strive everyday, on every project, to better ourselves. TWC has an environment that breeds passion among our employees. We like to lift them up, praise their hard work and most of all, show appreciation for what they do everyday to make us successful. Our team feels like a team and that translates into a quality product for our customer on each and every job. TWC is always looking for special talent to add to the team with the same passion and ambition that has gotten us to where we are today.

We are committed to our customer's success as well as ours. Our reputation is based on how we accomplish our jobs and projects. Projects need to be completed on time and completed to the level expected or more. We take our time training our crews, not only in the equipment they are installing, but in professionalism and in the importance of customer relations and timely progress. We try to instill the values of a good business in each and every one of our staff, insuring them a stable and long lasting career. The importance of face value and first impressions is expressed constantly. We want our customers to feel like they are meeting TW Celcom on-site, not just some hired hand doing his job for a paycheck. We know that this image is important for customer to landowner relationships, which in turn is our image to the customer.  Our commitment is to inform, train and maintain the best crews available. In that, success is a given and not an unreachable goal others struggle with.

Our management is made up of friends with skills that have excelled in the industry, noticed by many and unmatched by few. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty, nor work long hours to reach our goals. Countless hours are spent in the field with our crews to help, teach and lead them through the scheduled projects. You will see us on a site and if you do not, we are not far away. We make sure that someone from management is assisting the crews in whatever market, for whatever job. Our job is to audit our crew's work with a higher standard than our customers hold us to. We want the "Wow" factor on every job. With this level of availability, our crews are driven and confident, knowing that failure is not an option and they have the support needed to keep failure out of the equation.

Our quality installations are literally recognizable.  We insist on being the best on the ground and in the air. Our tower crew's quality in the air can be easily compared to that of the wire-line office installations. We train them to make it look amazing in every detail. The better it looks, the better we look. Our ground crews have been chiseled for years to create an art masterpiece on-site. We have taken that training and passed it along to the tower crews. Now with the technology moving more and more to tower mounted applications, the industry has struggled to produce a quality product. Tower crews were never meant to install radios, fiber and DC power. Today companies struggle to train their crews to match the quality of the ground crews. For years the ground crews and tower crews were on separate sides of the spectrum, very rarely crossing the line into the other. However the past few years have forced that evolution. We have evolved, we have met the challenge and we are ready to prove that it can be done.


We equip our crews with the latest and greatest safety equipment available and we spare no expense. Money isn't everything, our people are. Our crews are like our family, we care for them and have established a strong bond with them. We care about their health and safety and want nothing short of them going home to their families safe and unharmed. Many of our crews have kids and spouses that love and depend on them. It is irresponsible for companies to take short cuts in this area to save a buck. It is simply not worth it to us.

We have adopted a "Zero Tolerance" for unsafe actions and equipment on the job. We hold our crews to a strict level of common sense and safety practices. We have let good people go for not being safe. One warning is all they get.

Too many people are being killed in the tower industry every year. There is reasons for this, unreasonable scheduling, sub-standard or wore out safety equipment, improper use of that equipment and lack of training. Our crews are made to understand that their lives are worth more than the pay check they get and more importantly, our success. We do not over work our crews to the point of exhaustion and lack of good decision making. We only promise to our customers what we know we can deliver on. If we can't handle the job in the time frame our customers want, we tell them. We are not afraid to push back if safety becomes an issue. It is our responsibility to change the industry, to make it safe. It can be done, but it takes a backbone and good common sense measures to make a difference. We are that difference. We take full precautions on every job with no exceptions. Our crews are trained and trained again. We have an in-house Comtrainer to make sure our crews are up to speed everyday and certifications are always current. If these specific measures are taken, the chances of death or injury drastically decline.