Generator and Personnel Fueling

  • Bulk Fueling - Tractor Trailers and Bulk Tank Deployment. We can bring in as many gallons of Diesel or Gasoline that is needed for the event. We have resources all over the country that are major fueling vendors that are licensed and Hazmat approved. These resources have superior equipment and transport capabilities.
  • Propane - We have resources set up to re-fuel your propane generators no matter the size of the tank, on site.
  • Generator Fueling - We have in-house crews as well as sub-contracted crews capable in hauling diesel fuel to cell sites for fueling portable or permanent gen sets. All of our crews have 4x4 pickups with 300 gallon tanks for hauling to remote sites. We also have 4x4 trucks with winches, chainsaws and snow plows to assist these crews in the field.

  • Switch Fueling - Tractor Trailer and Smaller Tankers with the proper hookups for in-ground tanks and stand alone tanks at switch facilities. We can transport as many gallons as needed to the individual switches to keep their generators fueled. We can also perform tank maintenance and cleaning year round to keep your tanks in good shape. Please ask for more information on this service.
  • Personnel Fuel - We have portable staging bulk tanks for Gasoline or Diesel fuel to place at office locations for cell tech and other staff fueling. In a storm situation, most gas stations are closed or there is a major shortage of fuel for vehicles. We can ship in and stage fuel for your staff to use. Your network needs their attention as well as ours, let us keep them moving!

Logistical Support and Management

  • Management - Our staff and management are highly skilled and trained in managing a large event through tracking programs for power outages, generator deployment and fueling schedules. We have in-house deployable command centers, allowing our management staff to be on location at all times. Our command centers have satellite internet, VoIP, satellite TV for live weather updates and latest news and sleeping quarters. Let us take the reins and manage the field operations for the generators while you concentrate on your network!
  • Tracking - We have built unique tracking programs in-house to meet the specific needs of cellular disaster relief.With our tracking programs, we have incorporated generator fuel usages based on Amp Load, KW size and brand, giving us the advantage of knowing how long that specific gen is going to last on a tank of fuel. We have set up protocol for our crews in the field to use when they give our team updates, providing an accurate and detailed tracking platform to help us perform without neglect. We also have routing programs that directly link up to our generator tracking program to help us build routes for as many drivers as needed, keeping it efficient and preventing chaos and confusion. Our program also helps us track rental units as well as customer owned units, plugs and other assets used in the storm. With this accurate tracking and live collaboration between our own staff and our customer 24/7, we are able to accurately invoice and also prevent unnecessary charges from us or any other resource being used by the customer.

Resources for Generators

We have a long list of generator providers across the country to help assist our customers in acquiring portable generators in an event. We also have generator maintenance companies to assist in maintaining customer owned gen sets on site.  Our resources can set up major transport for the gens in and out of market.

Snow Removal and Winter Storms

  • Snow Removal - Trucks and Tractors with snow plows and salt spreaders. We can come clear your parking lots, cell site roads and assist your staff or our own in gaining access to locations needed.
  • Ice Storms - We have had the experience to work on many ice storms across the country. Our staff is equipped and experienced to handle these type conditions, unlike many other companies. We have 4x4 trucks with winches, chains, chainsaws, etc. to handle any situation.

Recon & Recovery

  • Recon - Our Crews are experienced wireless installation technicians with knowledge of your network and equipment that can provide you with accurate recon and solutions. We only put the best in the field. Our expertise can help determine problems, create solutions and provide real data for your teams to successful evaluate the situation.
  • Recovery - Our installation services on the ground and the tower can help you recover your lost equipment with new site installations and or repair. We also offer salvage services for battery plants and DC Power applications. We can test and inspect your equipment for damage, then come up with a solution for replacement if needed. Let our teams help you in all of the areas of recovering from a storm!

Disaster Response

The management at TW Celcom has been involved in Disaster Relief since the turn of the new century. We have worked on storms as large as Hurricane Katrina to as small as a wind storm knocking out power in West Virginia. We have managed from 1,000 cell sites without power to as little as 30 without power. No job is too big or too small. For a smaller company, we have met challenges with solutions that have surpassed much larger companies' capabilities. We have a wide range and network of resources to meet any demand needed. Our partners share our passion for quality and professionalism. We only choose the best, because in the end, it is our name on the line.

We are here to help. Anytime, anywhere.

TW Celcom has invested a lot of money in assets and capabilities for Disaster Relief for our customers.  We have spent countless hours securing funding, accounts and contracts all over the country to build a resource list that is capable in handling any situation. Our in-house team is always working to make our strategy better, building better tracking programs, logistical support and training staff to meet the huge demand in a storm situation. We are committed to be the best we can be. Our service in this area far exceeds our competition. "Failure is not an option" is the motto we live by and practice on a daily basis. We have met challenges thought to be impossible and have made them possible by keeping that attitude.