Services  and Experience  

We are constantly adding services and experience everyday. We grow with the market, so our services are not limited to the following.

  • Ericsson :  LTE, UMTS, GSM  (Stand alone Base Stations or RRU applications | Installations and Integrations)
  • Motorola : 4812 4850, SC300, 600 (Installations, Optimizations and Integrations)
  • Lucent : AIF, LAF, RCF, MOD Cell 4.0, EVDO, UMTS, LTE, 2.5 GHz (Stand alone Base Stations or RRH applications | Installations and Integrations)
  • Nortel : (Stand alone Base Stations | Installations)
  • Nokia : Ultra-site GSM, Node B 3G Networks (Stand alone Base Stations | Installations and Integrations)
  • Siemens : GSM (Stand alone Base Stations | Installations)
  • CCI : SCPA Booster, Rxait Equipment (Installation and Integrations)
  • Powerwave : SCPA, MCPA Boosters 700-1900 MHz (Installations and Integrations)

At TW Celcom, we have had the opportunity to gain skills in many different aspects of the wireless industry. Our ground level installations continue to drive us through the different networks of equipment across many states. From the analog days to the future of digital voice and screaming fast data applications, we have seen the evolution of the market, gaining knowledge and experience along the way that is rare, invaluable and dependable. Let our expertise and experience solve your problems and give you the peace of mind. The intended way, the right way, every time.